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Who We Are

Wave Agility is a wholly owned subsidiary of NxGen Partners ( an independent technology company). NxGen incubates unique and significant ideas that are consequential in transforming industries. Wave Agility evolved from our patent portfolio to a prototype and ultimately to a pre-commercialization unit. Our team includes backgrounds in technology, engineering, science, telecom, tower and real estate infrastructure. Our experience with telecom vendors as well as telecom operators and wireless tower companies convinced us of the need for a solution like our Wave Agility 5G fixed wireless access product.

History of Wave Agility

Wave Agility was founded by Roger Linquist and Solyman Ashrafi. Roger, a pioneer in telecommunications, started his career at Texas Instruments in 1966 where he served as manager in the central research laboratories applying new technologies to advanced product systems. In 1976 Roger became a management consultant with McKinsey and Company. Roger then became the founder and CEO of PageMart, one of the largest publicly traded paging companies in the country. In 1994 Roger left PageMart to start MetroPCS. MetroPCS became the fifth largest facilities based wireless communications company in the US. At Metro Roger recruited Solyman Ashrafi to design and build the world’s first 4G network. Solyman also launched the first Rich Communications Services (RCS) with VoLTE is a subsystem. In 2013 T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS and Roger and Solyman left to start NxGen Partners to incubate transforming telecommunication technologies that they felt would be critical for 5G. The first company they incubated and evolved to a product was Wave Agility.

Wave Agility Development

Solyman Ashrafi started studying the absorption properties of millimeter waves in the late 1970s. In 1980, he worked with Dr. Henning Harmuth on mitigation approaches for absorption of electromagnetic waves in fog and rain.

Solyman published further research work on PCS System Design in the Presence of Microwaves for wireless operators. He later worked on Microwave and mmWave projects at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. His work continued until he joined metroPCS and patented many inventions for backhaul applications.

After the merger of metroPCS with T-Mobile, Solyman continued his research and development activities in millimeter waves at NxGen Partners and in August 2013 commissioned the University of Southern California to further reduce to practice the development of his technology. His R&D activities resulted in over 87 published papers, 75 granted patents and over 40 patents pending.

In January 2014, Solyman was interested in launching a fixed wireless access operator company and started to work on finding ways to mitigate the absorption loss of millimeter waves as they penetrate through low-e glass and walls. In 2015, Solyman commissioned other university labs to reduce to practice his innovations to a product that would allow millimeter ways to tunnel through the low-e glass/walls using RF and vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSELs).

In April 2016, he commissioned a team to further develop a prototype.  He also created and submitted numerous patent applications on horn, conical and patch antennas, power amplifiers and other methods using both RF and photonics. Solyman not only demonstrated the tunneling of data traffic through low-e glass and walls, but also demonstrated magnetic resonance induction power transfer using advanced chipsets. Solyman also has several granted patents that cover beamforming with phased array antennas that can be integrated into the Wave Agility product and other solutions.

Contact : Solyman Ashrafi

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