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  • This is a solution that allows mmWaves to tunnel through  walls or low-e glass without drilling or any wires

  • The solution is applicable to all types of access at any  frequency bands (LTE bands including new NR radio, 3.5  GHz CBRS, 5 GHz WiFi, 24, 28, 39 GHz licensed bands  and 60 GHz bands as well as 70/80 GHz E-band,….etc.)

  • We have deployed our technology in the labs of 3 major operators

  • The technology is demonstrated for both wireless traffic as  well as wireless power transfer (from inside to outside using  magnetic resonance coupling).

  • Two configuration of the product: Configuration 1 is already developed and configuration 2 is under development. We have the priority on patents on such a product because we started this activity years ago.

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